What to Expect During Your New Home Excavation

Whether it’s going to be your own private mansion or an efficient tiny home, building a house is an exciting project.  New home excavation is essential to ensure your contractors can build the proper foundation to withstand the test of time and provide you with decades of enjoyment.

Excavation Process

  1. Site plan assessment.  Once you’ve purchased your property and received all the required approvals on your blueprints, it’s time to evaluate where you plan to place the structure on your property.  Many municipal and county codes include easements, required distances from property lines (“set back lines”), and other associated regulations.  Before we dig, we’ll make sure your home’s site meets applicable building codes.
  2. On-site review.  Our crew will come to your property to examine the site before we bring out the excavating equipment.  We’ll create a plan to remove trees, shrubs, rocks, or other obstructions to clear the way for excavation.  At the same time, we’ll contact local utilities to locate pipelines and power lines that we need to avoid.
  3. Dig.  This is perhaps the part of the process most people think of when they hear “excavation.”  The first step is to remove and conserve the topsoil since landscapers can use it in other parts of the property to level or build-up areas with vegetation.  Next, we’ll consider the site for the home’s foundation and level the surrounding area to create positive drainage away from the structure.  Finally, we’ll calculate the depth of the dig from ground level to the foundation or basement floor and remove unwanted dirt from the site.
  4. Accessibility.  After the homesite is excavated, you’ll want to bring in contractors, carpenters, and other construction professionals.  If a site is remote, we can build a gravel accessibility road for these individuals and their vehicles and equipment.
  5. Backfill and compact the ground.  After the foundation is set, our team backfills dirt around the home and checks for positive drainage one more time.  We’ll re-install the reserved topsoil to provide a good base for future landscaping. Finally, we compact the ground anywhere that concrete will be poured to ensure a solid foundation, for example, under garage floors, patio areas, or concrete walkways.

If you’re considering a new build, contact Excavation Oregon.

Excavation Oregon will make sure your biggest investment–your home–has the best start possible with a proper excavation.  Our family-based business has the skills and experience to handle any land development job–from clearing challenging slopes to installing drainage systems, removing boulders, building fences, and creating property clearance to prevent wildfire spread.  Contact us today, and let’s get your project started!


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