Why Be Concerned?

Oregon is home to over 30 million acres of private and public forested land. In 2020, our state reached a record number of 5,715 forest fires. It's not a matter of if you'll be impacted by a wildfire, but when. No matter where you live in Oregon, you could be at risk of loss of property (or life) from wildfires--sometimes with little to no warning. The best mitigation is prevention. 

Our teams are experienced professionals at excavating land to create defensible space to reduce the risk of wildfire destruction. If your property is forested, contact us today for a risk assessment and information about how we can create a safer environment while preserving the beauty of the forest.


  • Perform a risk assessment and identify problem areas
  • Create fire breaks, fire fighting access, and turnarounds
  • Water tank placement
  • Reduce ground fuels such as buck brush, blackberry bushes and fallen limbs
  • Remove any dead or dying trees
  • Small diameter tree thinning
  • Controlled burning and or haul away of combustables
  • Chipping, Mowing and Mulching

Tips for Longevity

  • Clear what fuels you can and hire help if need be
  • Plan for small controlled burns during ideal weather conditions
  • Have emergency bags packed and evacuation routes in place
  • Utilize a neighborhood phone tree
  • Take fire seriously and do your part!