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Unlock Your Property's Potential

We include multiple site visits, and planning in our work so that we are working from a place of knowledge and accountability with our customers' long-range plans.

Groundwork for Your Dreams

By choosing to specialize in rural excavation, we eliminate the distraction of urban development and truly understand the needs of country living.

Specializing In

Pads & Roads, Fire Mitigation, Water Storage, Land Clearing, and Home Site Development.


Specializing In

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Pads & Roads

New driveways, parking areas, drainage, ditch work, culverts, resurfacing, and grading.

Water Storage

Ponds, dams, spillways, culverts, ditches, and retaining walls.

Fire Mitigation

Fuels reduction, mowing, masticating, firebreaks, and thinning.

Land Clearing

Forest management, obstacle removal, thinning and clearing.

Home Site Development

Rural specialist, property layout, and design, driveway approach, obtaining a physical address.

Why Excavation Oregon is Different

Raw Land Development is our Passion! 

By focusing on Rural Excavation, we truly understand the unique needs of country living and optimizing property.

All of our operators are respectful and experienced people who care and have pride in what they do. We always take the time to explain the process or answer questions, ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Experience, trust, and vision are important so that you’re not wasting time and money on a project that could go wrong.

We strike a balance between a blank canvas and working with natural features, such as trees and boulders, that can often be used to enhance your land for years to come.

Many people don’t realize, that included in our services, and throughout each phase, we give site visits, surveying, and planning to form long-term support for our clients.

So if you’ve got land, and you're ready to take the next step, give us a call today!


Making living easier in rural Southern Oregon and lay the groundwork for your dreams with quality Excavation Services from Excavation Oregon.

The Driveway Doctor

Driveways need attention, especially in the rural parts of Jackson County. The secret is a good foundation and routine maintenance.

Wildfire Prevention

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if, but when. We can help you be prepared for wildfire prevention with defensible space.

What Our Customers Say

earth mover

5 Reasons You Need Professional Excavators to Clear Trees from Your Property

Whether you have one tree or a parcel filled with evergreens, it can be tempting to offer your friends free food and drinks to come over with their chainsaws to cut them down.  However, before you act upon your economical and clever plan, you should reconsider your strategy.  There are many reasons why a professional excavation crew is much better to clear trees from your rural property. Why you should call a professional excavation crew to clear land on your property: Safety.  In 2018, a Rutgers University study revealed that 80 tree-cutting workers were killed by their work in one...

Considering a Tiny Home for Your Rural Oregon Property?

Many Oregonians are taking advantage of new regulations allowing most property owners to add a tiny home to their property.  Tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes but are generally 500 square feet or less.  Depending upon their structure, they may be considered permanent or temporary.  Those interested in constructing a tiny home on rural or urban property in Oregon should review the legislation covering all aspects of these units. Types of Tiny Homes in Oregon: Temporary tiny homes are built on a chassis or frame, and many of these units have wheels.  Owners literally wheel them onto the...