Wildfire Prevention


Why Be Concerned?

  • It’s not a matter of if but when, we’ve had fires and more will come
  • We’re all at risk no matter where we live
  • Any fire is a life threatening event that offers little or no warning
  • Prevention is the best treatment and insurance


  • Identify problem areas
  • Create fire breaks, fire fighting access and turnarounds
  • Water tank placement
  • Reduce ground fuels such as buck brush, blackberry bushes and fallen limbs
  • Remove any dead or dying trees
  • Small diameter tree thinning
  • Controlled burning and or haul away of combustables
  • Chipping, Mowing and Mulching

Tips for Longevity

  • Clear what fuels you can and hire help if need be
  • Plan for small controlled burns during ideal weather conditions
  • Have emergency bags packed and evacuation routes in place
  • Utilize a neighborhood phone tree
  • Take fire seriously and do your part!