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Professional Excavation Clears the Path for Construction Success

Excavating land before building a home or structure is some of the most critical work in new construction.  Without proper excavation, a building can quickly become unstable, leading to cracking foundations, drainage problems, or even a complete collapse.  Professional excavators clear the land for construction teams; however, their work goes beyond this one duty. Here’s […]

Why Don’t Houses Have Basements in Oregon?

Well, some houses in Oregon do have basements, but it’s far from the standard.  If you want to be really specific, realtors have six types of “basements” in their vocabulary:  crawlspaces, dugouts, full basements, part basements, walkouts, and walk-ups.  While many homes have crawlspaces (enough room below the house to crawl for maintenance purposes), that’s […]

Digging Your Own Foundation Can Create a Money Pit of Problems Down the Road

With the prevalence of so many DIY shows on television, it may seem like digging your own foundation would be an easy job to handle.  Just rent some trenching and digging equipment, grab a level, and entice a few friends to help…right? Wrong.  Here’s why digging your own foundation is a big mistake. Foundations are…well…foundational […]

Benefits of a Machinery-Based Fuel Reduction Strategy

Hotter, drier summer seasons have plagued several West Coast states, leading to increasing numbers of wildfires.  Many of these wildfires reach epic proportions and cause millions of dollars of destruction.  Entire cities such as Paradise, California, and Talent, Oregon, were almost entirely destroyed by wildfires in 2018 and 2020. The key to protecting our homes […]

What to Expect During Your New Home Excavation

Whether it’s going to be your own private mansion or an efficient tiny home, building a house is an exciting project.  New home excavation is essential to ensure your contractors can build the proper foundation to withstand the test of time and provide you with decades of enjoyment. Excavation Process Site plan assessment.  Once you’ve […]